It is always incredibly difficult to assess fees especially in probate matters where the amount of work involved is not often known until the administration has taken place.  It is often not possible to know immediately what may be involved and how much advice and help is needed until the conclusion.

Please note our minimum legal charge to obtain the Grant of Probate is £1,000.00 plus VAT if we are instructed to solely obtain the Grant of Probate with the information you provide to us.

If we are instructed to deal with the administration from start to finish on average our legal charges range from £4,000.00 to £8,000.00 plus VAT and related disbursements.  Obviously if the estate is of very low value and there is only one bank account then our legal charges are less.  Likewise, if the estate is of high value or there are assets in many different accounts and a lot of beneficiaries with property to sell, then our legal charges will be higher.  We are not trying to be elusive but until we are provided with information it is incredibly difficult to assess how much work is required.  Even then it can be hard to give an accurate estimate as often unforeseen matters arise, or there may be disagreements between the parties which only increases legal costs.

We can provide you with a more accurate estimate if you come and discuss the same with us.  We are open to agree a fixed fee, or indeed provide a more accurate guideline, but cannot provide this without any information from you.

There are disbursements to pay third parties when dealing with the administration which include the HMCTS fee of £215.00 – £220.00 to obtain the Grant of Probate/Letters of Administration and official copies, bankruptcy searches £2.00 per name, Section 27 Notice in London Gazette and local paper £300.18 (this varies depending if there is a property involved and the location), possible house clearance fees, accountant fees, estate agents, usual sale disbursements and so forth.

You will receive an itemised Estate and Distribution Account at the end of the administration.  This final account when prepared and submitted to you will represent the complete account illustrating all monies received in and paid out.  If a sale or transfer of a property is involved the fee for this will be included in that final account and not charged separately.

Please be aware that the cost of dealing with the estate will be taken from the estate, and interim accounts will be raised by this Company throughout the administration.  You will be asked to sign an authority sent to you at the outset agreeing us to take such interim payments.  If you do not sign and return the same, we will still continue to act upon this basis.

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As with all previous advice I have received from Hanslip Ward, I consider the advice to reflect the highest standard, and I thank you for taking on my case in these unfortunate circumstances.
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