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  • It supports your local community
  • Phone calls are toll free from local numbers
  • You can drop by and see us anytime
  • We know the area and the agents
  • We can get things done quickly without relying on post
  • Car park at our Harwich office


We know that it is all very well to boast about having great customer service but like anything it often comes down to the price. We have found a comfortable range whereby you will receive unparalleled service with highly competitive pricing.

We may not be the cheapest however we are not far away and our customers have told us from past experiences to be wary of cheap offers in the marketplace. We have heard unfortunate stories around ‘hidden costs’ or ‘add-ons’ not properly explained however, the most common anecdotes are associated with service.

You are not obliged to use any lawyer but that of your own choice, even though it does not always appear that way. This is especially so in conveyancing where many nationalised companies have centralised legal services connected to Estate Agents.

We are proud to be local and know the area and estate agents well. By employing local lawyers we believe you will save time and money and you will get to speak to your case handler and not passed from one team to the next.


Disbursements are fees and charges that are incurred by us on your behalf from other companies and public institutions. As an example, in conveyancing fees will be charged by search companies to obtain searches, by HM Revenue and Customs for stamp duty or by HM Land Registry for searches and registration. From the outset we will provide you with an estimate of what the likely disbursements will be however, we cannot guarantee the total as the circumstances of each matter is not known at the outset.


Whereever possible we aim to provide agreed pricing from the outset so that you can budget accurately. We cannot guarantee our estimates or agreed pricing because many processses in Law are beyond our control. Facts may also emerge as the matter progresses that require further attention and resources.

However, these instances are rare and we will always keep you informed if we believe our estimate may be exceeded significantly. Please note we do reserve the right to charge abortive fees if the matter does not proceed to exchange.

For a comprehensive estimate please do get in touch with us.

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As with all previous advice I have received from Hanslip Ward, I consider the advice to reflect the highest standard, and I thank you for taking on my case in these unfortunate circumstances.
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